Screen Printing

With over 25 years of experience our screen printing team will provide you with the highest quality screen printed garments.

Enhance Your Image

To enhance your corporate image, your team image, or just your personal image, Sunset Embroidery and Screen Print is ready to supply you with the accessories you need at prices that can't be beat.


Whether you are looking for 24 jerseys for your youth team or a thousand shirts displaying your company logo, we have the equipment and expertise to turn your ideas into reality.

How It Works

Screen printing (also known as silk screening) is a process that produces an image by depositing a layer of ink on the material's surface. Most often used to produce images on tee-shirts, screen printing can be performed on almost any relatively flat surface.


Artwork: The first step involved in screen printing is to produce artwork of the image to be printed. Our graphic artist will work with you to design the image or you can submit your own production ready graphic in EPS format.


Screen Burning: The next step is to transfer the image to the screens. A separate screen must be created for each color to be used in the design. First, a reverse image of the area to be colored is printed on a clear plastic sheet. The sheet is positioned onto a fresh screen which has been covered with a photosensitive coating. Then, both are exposed to bright light. The light causes a breakdown of the coating in the areas not protected by the reverse image. The result is a screen that is porous only in the areas where the image is to be printed.


Printing: Actual printing is accomplished by positioning a finished screen on top of the item to be printing. Thick ink is placed on top of the screen, and a rubber squeegee is used to press the ink through the screen. The screen is then removed, and the ink cured. This process must be repeated for each color in the finished design. Also, for dark materials, an initial underlay of white ink is sometimes needed.